Sunflower Organics has been selling bee products in San Diego County for over 10 years.

In 2000, I was looking for a complete raw food that wouldn't spoil for my very young daughter to eat without worrying about spoilage. I did some research and discovered that no bacteria will grow in honey, and that bee pollen is a complete food. Mix the two together and you get a complete raw food that will not spoil. My husband and I were blown away at how delicious it was. The two foods go together like hand and glove.

I decided to name my creation "Ambrosia," which is Latin for "Food of the Gods". I couldn't think of anything more appropriate. Bees are our most important insect. Our creator, in his/her/its wisdom, gave bees a wonderful food source - the nectar and the seed of flowers, honey and pollen.

I started selling at farmers markets around San Diego County. I soon added Cinnamon Ambrosia, Spicy Ginger Ambrosia, Spicy Lemon Ambrosia and my newest creation, Dark Chocolate Ambrosia, which contains certified organic raw cacao powder.

Attention San Diego County residents: Eating local raw honey and fresh bee pollen will help cure your seasonal allergies. The pollen in Ambrosia is the same pollen floating in the air. When you eat local honey and pollen your body builds antibodies to the allergens in the air. It is the same as getting allergy shots. You go to the allergist and you get a shot of what you are allergic to. Much more pleasant!

We also have raw wildflower honey and raw grapefruit blossom honey, both from San Diego County. Grapefruit honey is by far, the most delicious honey I've ever tasted. This is a seasonal honey and we will not be getting more until early summer, 2014. Due to the fact that there are limited supplies, we must limit purchases to one bottle per order.

Due to the ongoing drought in Southern California and the problem with bee die-off due to Colony Collapse Disorder, honey and fresh bee pollen are in short supply in San Diego County. Due to that fact, purchases of our bee products must be limited to San Diego County residents only.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission at Sunflower Organics is to provide San Diego County residents with the purest and most delicious raw local honey and bee pollen as possible. To educate the residents of San Diego about the health benefits of eating local raw honey and bee pollen, and to encourage that they buy their honey local and raw.